We are a consulting and guidance company to help you manage and build your international business or do business anywhere around the world easily and securely with a complete range of products and services to support your international trade activities.

We provide small and medium-sized enterprises with efficient and cost-effective international trade consulting services .

Anat Calif, LL.B, has been in the import/export sector industry for nearly 30 years, providing advise to companies, entrepreneurs and individuals to solve the increasingly complex process of importing and exporting goods worldwide

Among the services provides by our firm:
  • Tax analysis, calculations survey, regulatory and legal aspects for import and export.
  • Feasibility test for imported product and pricing.
  • Import/Export development from idea to realization process.
  • Finding your future partners local and abroad.
  • Economic inspection for shipping and customs brokerage charges.
  • Supervision management of import/export process, organizing the safe, efficient and cost effective transportation of goods, as well as handling its corresponding license permits.
  • Workshops and lectures, training and advises for managers and employees.
  • Tax back to exporters handling. "Hishavon"
  • Supervision and support in tender's process.
  • Survey professional expert opinion for court.
  • Marine insurance.
  • Academic courses and academic tours

My Vision

To support local and abroad exporters/importers to improve their international trade profitability with a professional tailor made advise in all sectors related. To provide the best knowledge to manage activities and improve profitability in international trade operations.


LL.B Customs License for Freight Forwarding - Ono Academic College International Forwarder Jurist - Israel Tax Authority


Academic Director of Foreign Trade – Open University in Israel Business Mentor at the Ministry of Economy in Israel.
Advisor to Chambers of Commerce Federation members (former Coordinator of the Foreign Trade Forum Advisors).
Counselor and lecturer in Management College, Ashkelon College- external studies, Highway College and local seminars.
Former member of Consulting Division of Israel Chambers of Commerce Federation.
Former owner/manager of Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokerage Company (partnership 1995-2006).
Former consultant at the Israel Export & International Institute.
Leading lecturer at Open University for Foreign Trade Course- Diploma School under Ministry of Economy supervision.
Logistics expert to tailor shipping solutions that fit your specific requirements.

Among our clients
  • Israel Post Authority
  • Geophysical Institute of Israel
  • Mega Careline, Ltd
  • Zinger Dental
  • Yesh Shmarim, Ltd
  • Adar Construction & Development, Ltd
  • Ormodent, Ltd
  • Card Guard Scientific Survival, Ltd
  • Prime View, Ltd

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